Dr. Gotman's office is a one-stop Miami podiatric care office. A prominent Miami foot doctor,Dr. Gotman has been trained in giving her patients the best care, incorporating conservative and advanced foot and ankle treatments, using non-surgical as well as reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. She has received board certifications from the two most recognized boards in this profession: The American Board of Podiatric Surgery, and The American Board of Podiatric Medicine & Primary Podiatric Medicine (ABPM). She is one of the twenty percent of her peers that are double boarded.


At Dr. G Foot Centers, we work to make every aspect of your visit the most satisfying experience you’ve had at any doctor’s office. We treat patients of all ages, and our friendly staff strives to ensure a pleasant office visit. Dr. Gotman provides each of her patients with the information they need to make good choices about their foot and ankle care. We don't simply want to tell our patients about their diagnoses; we also want to work with them to determine the best plan for treatment of their foot and ankle discomfort. Our team of foot doctors will counsel you on the best way to treat your condition with the education and experience you look for and expect when choosinga physician. We approach foot and ankle care with a humble, yet educated and experienced approach. Our staff knows that foot and ankle pain can disrupt your daily routine and can lead to frustration at work, school and home. We are here to get you better quickly and economically, utilizing the latest treatments and techniques. Allow our experienced team help you take the next step to comfort. From the moment you check in to the time you step out the door, your questions and concerns will be met with the greatest expertise and compassion, surpassing your expectations. Most importantly, we strive to help you to walk out the door with less pain than you came in with, and we want to give you the knowledge and tools to avoid foot and ankle pain in the future. In Dr. Gotman's own words: "I do my best effort every single day to provide competent and quality care so as to have my patients back to their active lifestyles. Every patient is given the time to explain their problem, and then appropriate treatment is implemented. I am a woman with a woman's touch. I want my patients to feel relaxed, and never feel stressed when I perform any necessary procedures."

Finally, a solution to get rid of toenail fungus! Toenail fungus is the leading cause of thick, yellow toenails as well as dark discoloration. It also can change the shape of the original nail. This condition had no successful treatment until the discovery of Laser Nail Treatment (FDA Approved). Not only can fungal nails cause secondary skin infections, there have been studies linked to psychological effects due to the embarrassment of having unsightly nails. Dr. Gotman's GBox 15W Laser has been found to be the most effective and pain-free laser. In our office, out of 500 patients treated, 90%+ were cured with 1-2 treatments, depending on severity.   Click here to learn more about laser nail treatment in Miami

Procedure for Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain that does not resolve with conservative treatment. Dr. Gotman will relieve the problem with a minimally invasive procedure that is covered by most insurances and has a minimal down time. Best of all A Lifetime of Relief!!

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Dr. Gotman speaks about her practice


Dr. Gotman speaks about her practice, her experience as a podiatrist (foot doctor) and the treatments she provides Click To Play!


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